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Life after being a Vegetarian

If you didn’t know I went Vegetarian for awhile (only lasted 3 months). It was a life changing 3 months until I started to feel like crap. Read my ‘I Got Hungry‘ post. Well after just 3 months of no meat, I’m doing pretty good. I feel way better that I incorporated chicken back into my diet. I occasionally stir…

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Cheap Miami Beach Eats

It’s the season of travel! I’m currently on a plane right now as I type this. Coming back from Miami! The weather was so perfect and the food was great! I didn’t get to hit those exclusive or known local spots. But I did indulge in some quick good food plus I had a kitchen so I got to cook.…

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Retrograde! Retrogrades! Rx!

You might of heard “Mercury is retrograding!” with a voice of concern. Probably never heard of it or knew about it. If you didn’t, I’m sure you’ve felt these affects and didn’t know why?! Mercury isn’t the only planet that Retrogrades but it’s the planet most known and retrogrades the most in one year. Let’s get into these Rx! Venus…

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