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Cheap Miami Beach Eats

It’s the season of travel! I’m currently on a plane right now as I type this. Coming back from Miami! The weather was so perfect and the food was great! I didn’t get to hit those exclusive or known local spots. But I did indulge in some quick good food plus I had a kitchen so I got to cook. We all know eating on Ocean Blvd. is expensive as hell for mediocre food! So I’m gonna share some fun food spots under $10. I didn’t get pictures because I was tipsy 90% of the trip living in the moment. But here goes the list for good cheap eats at Miami Beach:

-Taco Rico; their tacos are authentic and bomb! Try their frozen margarita.
-Block Pizza Deli; this was a funky pizza place with fresh toppings!
-Sriracha House; best asian fushion take out! Went twice and wasn’t disappointed!
-Five Guys; look I know this isn’t a “new spot” BUT I was drunk after the club and wanted fries. I discovered their Veggie Sandwich!? Thank me later!
-D’Vine; basic little outside breakfast spot.

Lincoln Road Mall hosts a Sunday market with fresh veggie and fruit. They also cut up fresh mango, papaya, pineapple and watermelon in front of you and serve them in cups.


Lincoln Road Market

Our Miami Beach backyard.
Our Miami Beach backyard.

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