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Welcome to My Food Journey

My love for food have grown over the past year. I’ve always LOVED food but I didn’t know how to cook. I tried a few times and failed a lot (hell I still do). Plus I got joked on, talking about my food looked like struggle meals (a meal that’s just doesn’t look and probably doesn’t taste good). Now that I’m tired of being the struggle meal queen I started experimenting and exploring the food world and doing so opened a new venture for me! I now love being in the kitchen making love to the food! But, I don’t always feel like cooking, so I go out to eat. I try not to eat at those basic ass spots, you know the popular food chains. I like to search for the local joints and see what they got cooking up. To sum it all up I’m going to blog about my food, other folks food and all kinda food related things! Welcome to my food journey!

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