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Hey y’all! Its obviously been awhile since I last posted something. A lot has been going on and some big changes that Im excited to share. Im going to jump straight into it, I MOVED! I packed up and moved to Miami, Florida. I took a whole two months to just focus on moving. And if you know anything about moving then you know its a annoying process. Plus adapting to this change and settling in. My mind been all over the place. I was more focused on getting these “adult” duties done first.

I did take some time to explore and find the good food out here. There is an incredible farmers market out here. I did share a photo on Instagram from there. The produce and food scene out here is pretty impressive. Vegan and Vegetarian dishes are very common. We know I went vegetarian for three months then started eating chicken again. (Click here to read about that!)  I still don’t eat no red meat. Which is tempting not to because the Spanish culture out here along with the Haitians cook with red meat often. Im tapping more in my vegetarian roots seeing its so much vegetarian inspiration. I’ll let you all know if I decided to indulge in some red meat.

Living a mile from the beach is not so bad either. Until a hurricane is on the way. We experienced our first hurricane and had to evacuate. It was interesting to see how everyone reacts and prepare out here. Much different than NC and what you see on tv. But on a normal pretty day. The beach is my ultimate zen spot as well as a place to have a afternoon lunch session. Eating a turkey sandwich with chips, reading a book while sipping wine, while your crystals charge and KoKo rolling in the sand. Is my idea afternoon.

Im happy to announce that Im shifting my blog to a “goddess lifestyle”. No worries, Im still sharing recipes and great places to eat. Its been on my mind a lot to share life tips, self love, advice, all things universe and some things I’ve been through. I feel in this world today we need to still be able to love ourselves and protect our peace. I see a lot of people getting lost in this crazy society. Which is ok, Im out here with a flashlight during the day to find my way sometimes. No one is perfect, remember that! So check out the ‘Goddess‘ tab.

Its been over 2 months and now that Im somewhat settled, I can get back to blogging. I did have time to cook in-between all the hustle and bustle. So Im definitely going to drop a lot of recipes. I do have some items in Shop GG available. Thanks to everyone who still came to my blog to try recipes and reach out to me ask questions or simply say how delicious a recipe was. Means a lot! Stay tuned to my Instagram where I post in-between blog posts and updates on new blog posts!

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