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Fair Food!

It’s that time of year again that it gets cool out and all the fairs and festivities pop up. The State Fair strolled on in and of course I had to go and eat some food! As usual, fair food and I DONT mix. This probably my last time eating at the fair LOL! Here’s what I ate.

By the way I didn’t eat all of this by myself!! Oh, and the BEST thing was the crab claws! The hot dog topped with steak, peppers, onions and cheese wiz was from Tasty 8’s!


Food Truck Rodeo – RDU

So yesterday was the Food Truck Rodeo in Raleigh NC! I missed it all summer long, but the food Gods gave me another chance! It was loads of fun and I got to eat at my favorite trucks and tried and seen a few new ones!


I FINALLY got a hold of a Pig Mac by Papi Queso! When I say it was well worth the anticipation! Best grilled cheese pulled pork with gooey tender mac n cheese sandwich ever! (KoKo knew the sandwich was good too!)


Of course i had I had to stop over at my guys truck the Bandito Burrito! “two of my usual please!” The Asian style tacos are the best ‘asiany’ tacos created. Fresh ingredients every time, never fails! Thanks guys!


Man when I tell you, Chirba Chirba came once to Greensboro and been hard to get a hold of ever since. Until yesterday! I got my dumpling fix and it tasted just like it did the first time.


KoKo was just as happy as I was. All the attention she got, other dogs and she enjoyed eating all the food off the ground! Knowing she wasn’t allowed but she snuck in a few goodies.