So you’re probably wondering how I came up with the name Grocery Goddess! Well let me explain. Since I moved into my new place I was always eating out. That eventually made me feel like crap. So I started cooking my own meals. I was scared because before, my meals didn’t come out so good. I started off doing simple…

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Meatball Subs!

FIRST RECIPE POST!!! Aren’t you guys excited!? I am! So! Here’s the deal with the recipes! Every so often I will be posting about what I cooked and will share the recipe with you all. Some recipes will be from other food bloggers, restaurants, other chefs or maybe even you! Its simply just me recreating them or spicing em’ up…

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Welcome to My Food Journey

My love for food have grown over the past year. I’ve always LOVED food but I didn’t know how to cook. I tried a few times and failed a lot (hell I still do). Plus I got joked on, talking about my food looked like struggle meals (a meal that’s just doesn’t look and probably doesn’t taste good). Now that…

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