Henny Peach Turnovers

So as I’m here eating these Henny Peach Turnovers and getting crumbs everywhere! I had to share this recipe. Peach season is almost over so I grabbed a few at the Farmers Market and wanted to elevate the sweetness of the peach! Had a bottle of some Hennessey and a few spices plus some puff pastry. Perfect combination of sweet guilt.…

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Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra also known as the Naval Chakra because it’s located at the naval. The 3rd Chakra.  This fiery chakra focuses on personal power, sense of self and of self worth! Solar Plexus is associated with stress. Keeping this chakra balanced is important. When it’s power is awakened, we feel fearless and any obstacles in our path is burned…

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Goddess, Recipes

Let your inner Goddess out!

This new section comes from my inner Goddess. My connection with the universe. I recently started meditating and learning about the different Chakras. I was always interested in holistic healing and tapping deeper into the universe. I know I can turn up and have a damn good time but life is all about balance. Balance is something I learned awhile…

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