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I Got Hungry

So we all know I went Vegetarian (well pescatarian because I still ate fish) 3 months ago. Been going strong and loving the veggie life. Got introduced to new things like seitan and tempeh. I’ve been inspired to try new recipes and found some dope vegetarian spots. I feel really good and fresh.

Everything was going good until I got sick and started to feel like crap. I’m on the go a lot. So it’s hard being a vegetarian at restaurants. They don’t have separate pans cooking veggies and meat. All cooked in the same pans just about. Plus it’s not much options. My soy patties wasn’t tasting good and I couldn’t stop throwing up. I was feeling empty. Read up on a few things and discovered somethings. Not going to get into much detail but I wasn’t getting enough protein that my body needed. I also was losing weight and that’s not what I was trying to do. I thought long and hard because I was doing so good without meat.

I’m now here to tell you, I baked some chicken and it was everything. I’m actually eating it now as I type this. Now look, don’t judge me. I’m not about to go meat crazy. I’m keeping red meat out my diet and as far as chicken? I have my standards. I will not be eating anyone’s chicken. I’m still against at how these factory’s treat their animals for profit. I know a few good local farmers who raise free range, non-gmo, treated correctly chickens. Now I’m still veggie life and I’m still going to make delicious vegetarian dishes. That’s not changing, I’m just back eating chicken.

Let’s be clear on something. I’m not saying being a vegetarian is bad. It just wasn’t for me. I know you can get protein other ways besides chicken but this is my choice. Who knows what will happen down the line, I might give up chicken again. It’s best you do your research or consult with your doctor. I’m just sharing MY experience. Do what’s best for YOU!


My first chicken meal in 3 months.




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