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“Is it a Full Moon out?”

Happy New Moon!

Some are prolly like “happy new moon? this a celebration?” Yes! A celebration of new beginnings, new intentions you’d like to create & develop and to make manifest. These are all things to celebrate. I’m going to share with you how I look at the moon and try to inform you. You might look at the Moon differently.

A new moon is the phase of the moon when it is in conjunction with the sun and invisible from earth, or shortly thereafter when it appears as a slender crescent. The moon go through different phases as it orbits the Earth. It’s eight phases but I’m going to talk about a few that I acknowledge for moon magic manifestation! New Moon, Waxing Moon/First Quarter, Full Moon, & Waning Moon/Last Quarter.

New Moon

Wonderful time to set new intentions, meet new people, travel far or near, let your creativity come out for new projects, getting more clarity in situations in your life. I like to write down any ideas, goals, dreams, wishes I have. Things I want to work on. I sit by my altar light some candles and meditate. Saying a affirmation like “I can, I will”.

Waxing Moon/First Quarter

Waxing Moon looks like a crescent. When you can finally see the brightness of the moon. Soak in that brightness. Use the brightness to lead the way to your new intentions you set with the New Moon.

First Quarter is when the moon is In a 90 degree angle with Earth and the Sun. Looking like a Half Moon. Half way to the Full Moon. Take this time to reflect on these new intentions you set at the New Moon. How are you treating these intentions? Are you taking small steps to achieve these goals? What do you need to do to take it there? Gather information, post little notes around the home to remind you what you need to accomplish. Let’s get it!

Full Moon

The Earth, Moon and sub are in total alignment. Just like the New Moon but on the opposite of Earth. So it’s nice and bright. You should be feeling strong energies around this time. This affects ocean tides, animals, plants and human behavior. We all know that “It must be a full moon out” saying. Take this time to heal yourself. Enjoy yourself. Pay attention to what you feel. If you feel something is blocking you from your good attentions. Find out what they are and release it.

Waning Moon/ Last Quarter

The Moon is getting ready to journey back to the New Moon. It’s all about getting things in order. Preparing for new intentions. Making sure you’re organized, planning, thinking. Did you achieve your goals, dreams or wishes? If you didn’t, what held you back? Get rid of that trait, person, object or whatever that thing is. Positive energy is key. Affirmation idea: “Let in positivity, let go of negativity” Take time to cleanse your home, work space and most importantly yourself. Take a salt bath, light some candles.


During these moon phases. I burn sage or palo santo depending what mood I’m in. I also drink herbal teas and take salt baths. Taking care of yourself is key! I also have a variety of crystals I set on my altar, along with a candle that I burn.

These are something’s I do and learned. I’m still learning, so bare with me. I believe everything on this Earth is here with purpose. We all have the sources to manifest. This is how I came up with my new logo. Manifesting new ideas and researching. Those Moons symbolize Goddess.

If you are clear with what you want, if you believe, have faith and most importantly love yourself. Great things to anything will come! I got this information from Google and Many Moons Workbook by Modern Women. Feel free to search and discover your own magic!

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